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Rederij Groen is a Shipping and Service Company located at the harbor of Scheveningen and we are specialized in guard and seismic support vessel operations. The Company started in 1973 with three vessels for the sport fishing and recreation business in the North Sea. In 1980 the Company made a move to the offshore industry (At first under the umbrella of Telco Marine) and through the years Rederij Groen became experienced in the support of seismic survey operations. At first mainly in the North Sea and later as the service demands increased gradually to worldwide operations support for our Clients.

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In 2001 the Company introduced their own SMS (Safety Management System) and this was approved by our class Society. The Company started to expand with more vessels in the Company and at the beginning of 2008 the fleet consisted of fourteen modern guard, chase and support vessels. In the same year the Company ordered a new build program at the Sealink Shipyard located in Miri, Borneo and between 2008-2009 4 new support vessels joined the Company: Mare Verde, Venture-G, Maria-G and Mariska-G.

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In 2008 the Company also obtained the new build multi offshore support vessel Marianne-G and the chase support vessels Romulus and Remus. Besides the new build activities on behalf of our Clients in the Seismic industry the Company became more involved in guard and standby work in the North Sea and two more vessels were purchased: the Supporter-G and Allure-G. Not only the new build program was initiated but also a major expansion of sub contractor vessels under our SMS umbrella started to grow from ten vessels in 2007 to more than forty units in 2011.Because of economical and logistical reasons the Company decided to abandon their recreation activities and to focus more on our main business service in the offshore industry.

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2011: Aside from owned fleet, 40 sub-contractor vessels are also under management

2012: New stand by vessel christened (Linde-G)

2013: Launch of new generation chase vessels/world premiere

In 2013 the Company launched 2 purpose built chase vessels (Aquarius-G and Astra-G), which were the first of its kind worldwide and in 2014 the seismic support vessel Sunrise-G became the 25th vessel of the RG Fleet. In order for the office to deal with the expansion the staff increased to fourteen key Managers and office employees. All departments have backups to guaranty constant support and demands towards and from our vessels. Because of the large amount of vessels available for service it is possible to deploy vessels all over the world and this means low mobilization and demobilization costs for our Clients. Rederij Groen claims to work on a high level of quality, safety and trustworthy performances and is demanding the same standard from our sub- contractors.

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2014: New seismic support vessel and 2 chase vessels christened

2015: Introduction of crew boat tender services for offshore locations

2016: Rederij Groen start a joint venture with Glomar Shipmanagement in Den Helder. Due to this joint venture we are able to expand our activities with diving and offshore windmill support services

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2018: Modernising of the fleet with the introduction of the multi-purpose vessel Aurora-G.

2019: Next to the introduction of another multi-purpose vessel (Linde-G), also 2 new Crew Tender vessels (Green Water and Green Wind) reinforce the position of Rederij Groen in the renewable industry and provide more service regarding standby- and ERRV operations.

2020: Introduction of new seismic supply vessel Mariska-G.

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2021: …



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Rederij Groen 50 years, and counting

In response to recent news reports suggesting the sale of Rederij Groen’s shares to an external party, we would like to categorically state that these claims are inaccurate. The ownership of the company remains firmly in the hands of the Groen family, who remain dedicated to providing excellent service in the offshore industry. We are…
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RG ISO 9001 14001 45001

Rederij Groen obtains ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 Certifications.

In August 2023, through hard work and the continuous drive to improve our organization, Rederij Groen can proudly announce that it has obtained three new ISO certifications. Rederij Groen is now certified and in compliance with the following international ISO standards: ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems ISO 14001: Environmental Management ISO 45001: Occupational Health and…
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New video added: Mv. Linde-G

Last year we made an announcement on this website about the “Next step in the future for Rederij Groen” which was about the construction of our new vessel “Linde-G”. In April 2019 the vessel arrived in port Scheveningen for the first time and we hereby proudly present a video impression of this new vessel in…
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