Declaration Business Associates

Declaration by Business Associates

Definition of Business Associates:
Customers, suppliers, partners, consultants, agents, other intermediaries and third parties (other than Co-workers) with which REDERIJ GROEN B.V. has a business relation.

Compliance with Laws
Business Associates of REDERIJ GROEN B.V. will comply with applicable laws and regulations, act in an ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible manner and respect internationally recognized human rights.

Improper Payments / Bribery
Business Associates of REDERIJ GROEN B.V. will not request, receive, or accept any improper advantage in order to obtain or retain business or any advantage in the conduct of business. Further, Business Associates will not offer, promise, or give any improper advantage to public officials or any individuals or corporate entities within the private sector, in order to obtain or retain business or any advantage in the conduct of business (or a third party) to make the official act or refrain from acting in relation to the performance of her/ his official duties. This applies regardless of whether the improper advantage is offered directly or through an intermediary.

Gifts, Hospitality and Expenses
Business Associates of REDERIJ GROEN B.V. will not offer, directly or indirectly, to REDERIJ GROEN B.V. employees or representatives or anyone closely related to them, gifts except for promotional items of minimal value normally bearing a company logo. Hospitality such as social events, meals or entertainment may be offered if there is a clear business reason, but the cost must be kept within reasonable limits. Travel, accommodation, and other expenses for the individual representing REDERIJ GROEN B.V. will always be paid by REDERIJ GROEN B.V. Hospitality, expenses, gifts, or other favors shall not be offered or received in situations of contract bidding, evaluation, or award.

Conflict of Interest
Business Associates of REDERIJ GROEN B.V. , including all employees, will not take part in or seek to influence any decision where there is an actual or perceived  conflict of interest. Such circumstances may be a business interest or a personal interest in the subject matter – economically or otherwise – directly or through someone closely related. If the Business Associate becomes aware of a potential conflict of interest, they will, without delay, notify REDERIJ GROEN B.V.

Minimum Age of Labor
Business Associates of REDERIJ GROEN B.V. will not employ children below the age of 15 or the minimum age for employment according to applicable laws and shall ensure that persons under the age of 18 do not perform any hazardous work.

Forced Labor

Business Associates of REDERIJ GROEN B.V. will not use any form of forced, bonded or prison labor. Personnel will not be required to lodge ‘deposits’, identity papers or work permits as a condition of employment and Business Associates shall not be involved in human trafficking in their business activities.

Freedom of Association & Right to Collective Bargaining

Business Associates of REDERIJ GROEN B.V. recognize that our employees are entitled to be – or refrain from being – union members and to be represented in collective bargaining agreements. In countries where these rights are restricted, employees will anyway have the right to influence their work situation.


Business Associates of REDERIJ GROEN B.V. will treat employees and hired labor equally and fairly. Any form of harassment or discrimination, including on the grounds of race, color, sex, religion, political opinion, national or social origin, will not be tolerated and equal opportunity, fair treatment in employment and occupation for our employees and hired labor -including migrant workers- will be promoted .

Terms of Employment
Business Associates of REDERIJ GROEN B.V. will ensure that:

– wages paid to employees and hired labors are in accordance with applicable law and/or agreements.
– working hours are not excessive and comply with local law and agreements regarding working hours.
– vacation time, leave periods and holidays consistent with applicable local law and/or agreements will be offered and ensured that all employees are free to leave their employment/work after giving reasonable notice.
– all employees are provided with written agreements of employment setting out employment conditions in a language understandable to the employee and have access to effective grievance mechanisms.

Minorities and Indigenous Peoples Rights
Business Associates of REDERIJ GROEN B.V. recognize and will respect the special importance of the social, cultural, religious, and spiritual values and practices of the minorities, indigenous and tribal peoples and their relationship with the land or territories. To the extent work may affect these people, a process to minimize and manage such impacts will be undertaken.

Security Resources

Business Associates of REDERIJ GROEN B.V. will use a thorough selection process to secure a high standard of security for staff and Business Associates and shall avoid or appropriately manage potential human rights impacts.

Business Associates of REDERIJ GROEN B.V. will respect local community and work according to internationally recognized principles to seek to prevent and mitigate adverse impacts on local communities (e.g. impacts related to livelihoods, use of water, emissions and land).

Quality and sustainability
Business Associates of REDERIJ GROEN B.V. have the priority to create a safe and healthy work environment with no injuries, no work-related ill-health, no environmental incidents and prevent or minimize the negative impact of our work and services and understand the duty of care to employees, and to provide a range of services to protect and enhance their health and wellbeing.
As an essential part of Business Associates’ commitment to protect the environment, there is particular
regard to the following matters;

– Compliance with, and where possible exceed, applicable environmental statutory rules and regulations.
– The prevention or limitation, as much as possible, of soil, water and air pollution, noise pollution, the production of waste products and hazardous materials.
– The separate collection and processing of waste and the efficient use of water and energy.
– The availability of clear and practical guidelines and ensure the practical implementation of both policy and guidelines.
– The encouragement of environmental awareness and motivation amongst employees and others working on behalf of REDERIJ GROEN B.V. in such a way that protection of the environment, whilst primarily the responsibility of the management becomes a priority of everyone.

Health and Safety
Business Associates of REDERIJ GROEN B.V. will work ambitiously, through continuous improvement, for a healthy work environment and safe and secure conduct according to internationally recognized health and safety management principles and practices and applicable law.

Business Associates of REDERIJ GROEN B.V. will work according to internationally recognized environmental management principles and practices and aim for continuous improvement and will comply with applicable environmental legislation and permits. Business Associates will work to achieve resource efficiency and prevent harm to the environment (e.g. pollution prevention and control, natural resource management).

Standards towards own Business Associates
Business Associates of REDERIJ GROEN B.V. expect own Business Associates and sub-Business Associates to conduct their business in a manner consistent with the principles set forth in this Business Associates Declaration and will seek to include and follow up on these expectations in business relationships with them.