New step in future for Rederij Groen

A few years ago, Rederij Groen made an innovative step by introducing the first purpose-built escort vessel. The high standard performances of this vessel have proven the quality of the design which also has been recognized in the offshore industry.  The company now makes the next step by introducing the first DP1 escort vessel with a 12 tons workboat Davit.

In July the contract was signed with De Hoop Shipyard to deliver an escort vessel, also able to perform seismic crew changes for 60 persons. This makes this vessel suitable for multipurpose operations. The vessel will be delivered in December and will be named “Linde-G”.

With a length of 57.65 meters and the 2 main engines (each 2350 KW) the vessel can make a speed of 20 knots and has a low fuel consumption over the entire speed range due to the hybrid propulsion system.

By introducing this new type of offshore service, the company anticipates on new requirements in the offshore market. Therefore, the management of Rederij Groen is convinced that “Linde-G” will be a most valuable expansion of the fleet which will make the company ready for future demands in the industry.

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