Rederij Groen holds a fundraiser for Kika

Rederij Groen KIKA

The family-owned shipping company Rederij Groen in Scheveningen, known for their Offshore  Guard and Support Operations, held a fundraiser for Kika in honor of the cristening of their new guard vessel ‘Aquarius-G’. To all guests at this festive event, was asked to make a donation for the KiKa action. Many attendees have responded to this request and have given generously, with the result that an amount of up to € 3,000.00 was raised!

Kika thanks Rederij Groen for this fundraising campaign and wish the Aquarius G  fair winds and good fortune to all who sail on her.

The Foundation KiKa (Dutch: Kinderen Kankervrij; English: Children Cancerfree) is a Dutch charity foundation that brings in fundings solely for research to childhood cancers.

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